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Chapter 31

Posted on October 3, 2012 at 1:30 PM

Habir had no real intelligence left behind those milky white eyes but he knew instinct and survival. He dropped the cooled hunk of meat and followed the enticing sounds coming from the alleyway as fast as he could manage. Broken fingers knocking as he shuffled into the alleyway, he spotted a shape drop down into the alley and headed straight for it. Mouth opening in keen anticipation, he shambled up right behind the unsuspecting meal who was busy brushing himself off and he reached out and wrapped his damaged arms around his victim and bit savagely down on their shoulder. Warm blood surged down his throat and out of the side of his damaged face as the victim screamed in a high pitch as much from surprise as agony as Habir turned his head to the side in an attempt to rip a morsel free from his meal.

Habir delighted in swallowing a half-dollar sized mouthful of energized flesh and if he could comprehend his need to consume would have understood the importance of a meal. His cells were rapidly breaking down, losing energy as the cells slowly died. Consuming the live, fresh, and fleshy meat slowed the process down immensely so there was his need for survival. He did not see the mid-aged elderly man drop down from the window behind him and did not comprehend what was happening when the man came up behind him and cuffed him on the head, denting in the left side of his head. As gravity would have it and the muscles in his arms useless, he fell to the ground and before he could rise, the mid-aged man had ripped a piece of the man’s shirt to bandage the wound and shoved the wounded prey down to the opposite corner of the building from where Habir had come.

Habir lamented in his loss with a keening sound as he struggled to rise using his broken fingers as leverage but was shoved back down by a wave of his brethren who had heard the delicious scream from his victim’s mouth as he had savored his bit of flesh only moments earlier. They shambled past him, stepped on him, or fell over him in an attempt to follow the prey where they had taken off to on the other side of the building. Habir finally rose to his feet after the last of the crowd went by, ignoring his now flattened and broken arm, his misshapen head, and visibly broken ribs. With a mournful moan, he did the only thing his mind would compute, and slowly follow the crowd to where his savory meal had gone.

He reached the back of the crowd and joined in with their cries as they all followed a pink Vespa as it left them in the distance. It would’ve been obvious how futile their trek was after the Vespa to any normal thinking individual but the crowd would do the only thing it knew to do and that was follow. Little did their prey know that Habir and the others would follow them until they dropped, bodies too damaged or broken to proceed any further.

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