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Chapter 23

Posted on January 13, 2012 at 7:55 AM

Liz hitched up her beige-colored capris, glanced over to Mike and said, "you ready?" They'd decided to try to sneak out of the window because they KNEW those things were in the hallway already, and after much deliberation, decided to try their odds with the unknown versus the known. They had hoped the commotion from those things scrabbling to get into the building & knocking things over in the hallways had drawn most, if not all, of the others from around the outside of the perimeter to the inside. They'd taken the recycling bag from the bin, dumped out it's few empty soda bottles and cans, and filled it almost halfway full of chips, granola bars, fruit snacks, even candy bars...all of the contents from the vending machine in the Break Room. Liz laughed and said, "man...we owe Carlton Vending a lot of money!" She put the three dollars she had into the other vending machine and bought two bottled waters and threw them into the bag as well.

She looked over at Mike, who had already anxiously started to push the table over to the window so that they could climb up onto the vending machine and out. The scraping was so irritating and annoying echoing on the tiled floor that Liz quickly dropped the bag and hastily went over to help him lift the table up. That task done, Liz went over to grab their goodie bag and her eyes flew to the door just as heavy and urgent pounding started rattling the door against the rickety barricade. She looked at Mike and said, "get the window it's a good thing I'm going with you, you just successfully attracted all of our friends around here to our door."

They both jumped as a chair from the top of their towering barricade clattered onto the floor, and Liz snatched the bag up and got on top of the table. Mike was already on top of the vending machine struggling with the window, and Liz hastily took her dress shirt off, wrapped her hand up to the wrist in it, and punched through the glass. Mike arched a brow and looked over at her and she shrugged stating, "no time for stealth" and they both quickly punched through the rest of the glass as more of their makeshift barricade crashed to the floor. While Mike continued to pull the shards from the top of the window off, Liz looked at the door and saw what once was a well-manicured hand snaking through an opening the "changed" had made and she saw the petite hand opening and closing while it grasped for anything it could get ahold of behind the door.

She practically shoved Mike out of the way, tied the bag closed, and tossed it out of the window. She urgently said, "we gotta go now, pretty soon the owner of that hand will fit through if they keep pushing against the door and I'm not planning on letting them see our escape route. Who knows how much intelligence they really have." Mike looked at her, nodded his head in agreement, and said "yeah I'll go first." He slowly stuck his head out of the window and looked around. It was about a ten foot drop to the ground but it was all clear! His car was parked in the back so all they had to do was jump down and make a run for the car around the side of the building. He looked at her and said, "here goes!" He jumped out and she could hear him land with a thud. She quickly sat her butt down on the windowsill to get ready for her jump. She was scared shitless of heights and could feel her heart thumping in her chest as fear crept in for the second time today. As she looked over to the door what she saw quelled that in a heartbeat. There, sunken cloudy eyes peeped in at her as the owner of that beautifully manicured hand had fit the top part of her head through the door mindless of the fact that her head was stuck at the nose.

Liz jumped down and Mike caught her and she quickly grabbed the bag and bolted for his car. In his panic, Mike must've lost all caution and stealth because instead of manually opening the car doors when they got to the car, he pushed his keyless entry button on his keychain but pushed the alarm button instead. The alarm instantly started blaring and Liz felt her heart drop and race at the same time. Mike frantically pushed the button to turn the alarm off as they reached the car. It beeped and turned off and Liz quickly glanced around. They had company.

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Reply Jeramey
6:12 PM on January 13, 2012 
This chapter is really exciting.... Good job
Reply Ivas
7:33 AM on January 28, 2012 
Liz is the character that i love most. clever and calm and well daring.. lolz. and of course i guess she is the "expert zombie pro". Great story and hope Liz will survive till the end. emm.. and... stupid mike? lolz.