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Chapter 25

Posted on March 11, 2012 at 1:15 PM

Lopez had been running for what felt like hours, dodging and clubbing the hell out of the crazed individuals as he passed through various alleys and streets in the city. He never paused until he came to an alley with three of the people cornering something against a fence. Paying the opening to the street no mind, they were almost growling and cornering their victim as they used their hands to serve as makeshift claws once they reached their unlucky meal. Lopez debated on running past but after he took one step by, his guilt and training forced him to stop. Whomever it was cowering against the fence needed help, and offering help was his job whatever the circumstances. He followed the code and would to the end.

He stepped into the alleyway and crouched behind some empty boxes and pulled out his nightstick. His hand wavered ever so slightly, nerves he supposed, and he quickly stood upright. He started to walk at a brisk pace toward the group, then quickly accelerated into jogging and moved over to a thin Hispanic man on the left of the circle while simultaneously raising his nightstick back behind his head. He knew announcing his presence and telling the people to stop would be pointless and perilous after trying that with numerous others on his jaunt through the city. His muscles tightened to deliver the fatal blow to the back of his head and he brought the nightstick down for all he was worth and with a crunching sound, dropped the Hispanic man who twitched and wriggled on the ground while bodily fluids and various bits of meaty brain matter and skin seeped out onto the ground.

Seeing movement, the other two slowly pivoted towards Lopez and he started to take up a fighting stance to ready himself for the attack but lost his balance on the Hispanic man's slimy fluids and fell backwards with a startled cry. Luckily, his head was cushioned by the Hispanic man's abdomen when he fell backwards otherwise he might have been knocked out and an easy meal for the two that were left. The person in the middle, what looked like a delusional housewife complete with robe and curlers, reached him first and he raised a booted leg to hold her off as she snarled and clawed at him from above while drooling frothy dark spittle from her mouth.

Up to this point, Lopez had not used his gun, stealth being key in surviving up to this moment. She was dead weight and it took all of his exhausted leg muscles to hold her up so she didn't fall directly onto him. Behind her, was a portly elderly man dragging one foot, hands grasping the air as they open and closed in anticipation. Lopez knew the possible outcome of this if he didn't open fire, especially with him being pinned on the ground. He reached his right hand down and unlocked the gun holster and drew his unused, recently cleaned semi-automatic weapon out, complete with scope, and centered it directly between the woman's milky whites. He fired one round off, the bullet perfectly lodging right between the housewife's eyes. As her body convulsed and she spewed her crimson colored vital fluids in a stream from the hole in her head while completely coating him with gore, Lopez strained with both legs to kick her dead weight off of him.

He trained the gun on one of the elderly man's liver spots when the trio's original victim sprung into action. A fairly big black and white blur snarled and pounced onto the back of the elderly man, knocking him over. To his surprise, Lopez saw a 75 pound pit bull standing atop of the elderly man, snarling ferociously and clamping down onto the elderly man's arm. It started moving it's head back and forth feverishly, fighting back and irreparably damaging the elderly man's appendage. Occasionally it would cease it's attack to open it's maw and dump ragged looking pieces of meat it had shaken loose from the man's arm out of it's mouth. The elderly man rolled over as the dog pulled on his arm and there was a yelp as the elderly man grabbed the dog's leg and twisted, trying to bring it closer to his mouth. At that moment, Lopez sprang up and bent over the rising elderly man, put his gun flush against the man's head, and fired. There was a wet breaking sound as the man's skull fragmented and exploded outwards while the bullet passed through his skull. Bits of gore, viscera, and teeth rained down onto the man's red suspenders and white button-down shirt and teeth skittered across the pavement bouncing against the fence like dice in a craps game.

Lopez looked up at the life he had just saved and it looked back at him. A moment passed, and he knew he just made a loyal friend for however long his life would be in these recent events. He smiled and said, "come on girl" and started walking towards the entrance of the alleyway. He turned and looked back, but his new furry friend was a bit worse for wear as she walked slower and avoided usage of her paw. He walked back over to her, crouched down, rubbed her head and grabbed her bloodied mouth as he looked into her eyes and said, "now look you gotta move there bonita or we might be in some trouble. Who knows what we attracted with all of the commotion here." He looked down and examined her paw, believed it to only be a sprain, and stood back up and went to stand against the wall of the alleyway so he could peer out of the entrance into the street. To his left, remains of what looked like a shredded homeless man lay strewn about mixed with contents of a garbage can. Empty Cheetos wrappers, Coke cans, newspapers, wadded up napkins all covered with blood and mixed with bits of skin, clothing, and even a boot lay scattered around, soaking up what was left of the fluids from the man's body. His torso and any identifiable features were nowhere in sight. He heard a whine behind him and turned to look at his new-found friend who sat, sadly looking at the remains. He softly spoke to the dog and said, "was that your master bonita?" The dog just gazed forlornly back at Lopez, obviously not being able to speak but he demeanor confirmed the question.

All of a sudden, their quiet moment of respect for the dog's loss was broken when a voice screamed out, "Hey man, watch out! Run!" Lopez whirled quickly around, his eyes darted up and down the street. About a half a block down was about six or seven people, all in different states of disarray. One was crawling on the ground with a broken leg, one's face was a mess while it's broken jaw hung loose resembling a puppet with it's gaping mouth, and the others had milder afflictions but all of them were headed straight for the pair. A voice shouted out, "up here," and Lopez shot his head up to a window a few floors up. Training told him it was two flights up and the guy yelled out, "Dude you better get up here fast, take the two flights of stairs but watch out there's three or four fucked up people running around in the hallway! I'm in apartment 22 I'll meet you on the stairwell to the second floor!"

Lopez looked around for other options, looked back at his injured new friend, and sighed. He knew blockading himself in an apartment building was bad juju but at the moment, the only option. He went over to the dog, ignored her whining, and hefted her onto his shoulders while he ran to the building. Swinging open the doors, he stood silently as his eyes adjusted and darted around for the opening to the stairs. He turned and looked back out onto the street and saw the crowd crossing over to the apartment building location. He sighed, put the dog down and withdrew his nightstick, thinking to himself it was probably time to get a move on and head up.

He fired his gun twice, once hitting some Italian middle-aged man who must’ve stuck his head through the opening of a cracked door of Apartment 1 and the second time going up the second flight of steps, shooting what looked like a fellow police officer in the face. The ascent was slow-moving as he waited for his injured furry comrade but the rest of the way to the second floor landing was uneventful. He waited for the dog to reach the landing and as he started to reach for the handle to open the door to the second floor, it was thrown open and he jumped back in surprise and to avoid getting hit by the door as a wild-eyed guy with a Super Mario Bros tee and Jagermeister pajama pants stuck his head out and quickly said, "hey man, I'm Jeramey."

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Reply Scooter
9:25 AM on April 7, 2012 
It is good that you are coming back to charcters mentioned in previous chapters.
Reply Living Dead Girl
9:40 AM on April 7, 2012 
Lol I always do eventually...if you look back at previous chapters, I rotate characters in chapters...its a weird way of writing and very difficult for me to do but it's for a significant purpose and you'll see'll come together eventually ;)