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Chapter 27

Posted on April 4, 2012 at 3:10 PM

Dr. Keller leaned back in his cozy office chair and took a moment to reflect on the events of the last 24 hours that had now led up to the pieces of Mr. Sanwa scattered on the makeshift examination table in front of him. The leftovers from Mr. Sanwa’s meal (what was left of Nichols) lay covered up in a bloodstained military blanket on the ground directly below the table and ironically enough almost looked like an offering at a shrine. As that thought escaped his head Dr. Keller absentmindedly covered up what was left of Nichols ravaged leg and gingerly kicked a globule of flesh that had fallen off of Nichol’s calf back under the blanket which landed next to his gore splattered military boot.

With what seemed like hours of sitting outside of the door while Mr. Sanwa feasted on Nichols, Dr. Keller had finally discussed what to do next with Hanson. They had both agreed that before entering, they needed something a bit more effective than a Taser and while Hanson went to the Weapons Locker which held various weaponry and ammo, Dr. Keller went to his lab to gather various tools, examination gloves and gear. On his way out of the office, as an afterthought, Dr. Keller went over to the med kit and grabbed two Ibuprofen for Hanson who was still sporting a massive headache from the events earlier. Before leaving, he went over to the glass which separated the two offices and peered in. Mr. Sanwa was still happily munching on Nichols left arm and surprisingly enough, he had eaten more than it seemed humanly possible. He had eaten Nichols bicep down to the pearly bone and was now sitting cross-legged with Nichol’s forearm planted between his two hands, elbows resting on his two legs, savagely turning his head back and forth to remove chunks of meat from his arm. Dr. Keller ascertained that the normal triggers sent from the brain to signal Mr. Sanwa’s body that he was full and to stop eating were no longer being transmitted. That concept was something odd in itself as no living person was devoid of those triggers and it definitely meant something was very wrong and that certain brain functions were no longer in use that are always present in a normal functioning human being.

They met back in the hallway outside of Mr. Sanwa’s prison to strategize how to safely subdue him without causing massive injury on either side. As Hanson thoughtfully chewed on the ibuprofen he decided the best approach would be to first bind his hands with one of the plastic zip ties from the Biohazard kit located in the Janitorial Supply Room and then to cover his mouth which was deadlier than his hands so he couldn’t snap at them as Dr. Keller examined him. Hanson, being a seasoned officer, obviously knew he would be in charge of subduing Mr. Sanwa so that left, for lack of better words, bait. That, they BOTH knew, was Dr. Keller. That being said, Dr. Keller chuckled and stated, “too bad I don’t have anything besides my lab coat to dress up for the part, nothing tastier than an old man in a stained lab coat!” Hanson smiled, cracked his neck, and said, “you ready?” With a nod, Dr. Keller put his left hand on the doorknob to rush into the room and draw Mr. Sanwa’s attention so Hanson could come from behind and tackle him to the ground.

Due to the confinement of the room, Hanson had a rather large ornamental samurai sword he’d ironically enough grabbed off of the wall in Mr. Sanwa’s office instead of using one of the guns he’d found in the Weapons Locker. It was too close-quarters for comfort to be firing a weapon at close-range and in his rounds he’d seen the sword in Mr. Sanwa’s office and figured that’d be a sufficient secondary option. He knew the Taser was definitely a last choice. It was sharp enough to do the trick but was supposed to be for show only so a lot of force had to be dealt to effectively use it. He had the shaft tucked between his military-issued belt and hanging down his right side. He definitely needed his hands free to deal with Mr. Sanwa and it didn’t have a proper scabbard because it’d been mounted on Sanwa’s wall. So, walking somewhat cautiously because of the sword hanging precariously down his hip, he waited for Dr. Keller to turn the knob and bolt through the doorway and attract Mr. Sanwa’s attention.

What followed next didn’t exactly go according to plan. Dr. Keller DID turn the knob and bolt through the door. He DID run into the room screaming like a madman to attract Mr. Sanwa’s attention, and it DID catch Mr. Sanwa’s attention. But what happened after is what didn’t go according to plan. After entering the room, Mr. Sanwa dropped the remains of Nichol’s arm and struggled to his feet to pursue a noisy Dr. Keller, the piece of skin lodged snugly behind his teeth and attached to Nichol’s arm snapping free in the process. Hanson quietly and patiently waited for Mr. Sanwa to pass by the doorway as he made his way over to Dr. Keller and once he passed, Hanson pulled out the nylon cuff restraints from his side pocket and quickly came up behind Mr. Sanwa.

What happened next was a blur as Hanson shouldered Mr. Sanwa to the floor. He felt and heard the audible crunch of Mr. Sanwa’s ribcage and he must have broken his ribs from the impact of the fall but he paid it no mind as he struggled viciously to attack Hanson. Hanson quickly and efficiently zip-tied Hanson’s wrists behind his back and stood back up to retrieve the duct tape from his back pocket to tape Mr. Sanwa’s snapping mouth shut. As he looked down to fiddle with the sticky roll, Mr. Sanwa struggled to his feet still in pursuit of a new meal. There was a popping sound and Dr. Keller’s mouth dropped open staring at Mr. Sanwa as he folded his left thumb so far inwards while struggling to remove his hands in his restraints that he dislocated his thumb at the joint. His hand free, he raised his arms up and with a great vengeance darted towards Dr. Keller who let out a yell as he fell backwards with Mr. Sanwa atop of him. He turned his head to the side to avoid the blackened line of drool from Mr. Sanwa’s open maw and screeched as Mr. Sanwa’s head struck like a cobra, biting down on his shoulder.

Hanson dropped the tape when all of this started and was struggling to remove the sword from his belt without slicing the belt apart. Finally pulling it safely free, he went over to Mr. Sanwa, who was straddling Dr. Keller and biting into his shoulder, and took the hilt of the sword to hit him in the back of the head in an attempt to knock him out. Instead of knocking him out from the jab, the blunt end of the hilt lodged itself about an inch into his skull because his skin was spongy and weak, his bones brittle and frail. Dr. Keller screamed in pain as Hanson wriggled the sword, and Mr. Sanwa’s head, from side to side in an attempt to remove the end of the hilt. He finally yanked it free, leaving a two-inch long and an inch deep rectangular indentation in the back of Mr. Sanwa’s head. Instead of blood gushing forth from the injury, there was just a slow leak of darkened fluid coming from the four sides of the rectangular depression on the back of his head.

Hanson had enough. His patience broke in dealing with Mr. Sanwa and he snapped partially in irritation with the events of the day, partially exhaustion, and partially with the grating of screaming in his ear. He raised the sword up behind his head and brought it down full-force and completely sliced through Mr. Sanwa’s arm at the elbow. That didn’t stop him, his stub just flailed around sloshing gore all over Dr. Keller and the surrounding area as he paid no mind to his forearm which rolled a few feet away from them. Hanson kept hacking away at an oblivious Mr. Sanwa, slicing through his left leg right above the knee and into his left side. Mr. Sanwa clung onto Dr. Keller’s shoulder like a dog, determined and stubborn, refusing to release Dr. Keller’s shoulder so Hanson kept chopping away until there was a great mess all over the ground and covering Dr. Keller. He no longer had on a white lab coat; it looked like a gory art smock, covered in yellow, red, and darkened fluids. Even though Dr. Keller must have been in great pain, he clamped his eyes and mouth shut in order to keep out the mess of fluids spraying everywhere. He finally looked around while Hanson was prying open Mr. Sanwa’s jaws and was disgusted when he realized Mr. Sanwa’s head was attached to him like a tick, the rest of his body cut away and scattered onto the floor around him.

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Reply Jeramey
8:14 PM on April 4, 2012 
Im so proud of you..... I can't believe you write this stuff... Its so great to read
Reply Deadish
4:52 PM on April 6, 2012 
I am also impressed. George Romero would also be proud. keep up the good work.