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Chapter 14

Posted on November 8, 2010 at 4:25 PM

Dr. Keller glanced down at his Rolex & it was going on 10pm already. The majority of people working at the NASA facility had hurriedly vacated a half hour before the facility went into a complete shut-down due to the national crisis. Dr. Keller didn’t have any children & his wife had left him four years ago for that bastard Meteorologist in North Carolina that he had attended Berkeley with in his younger years, so he had no ties to rush home to. He sat back & put his feet up on the desk, eyeballing his “Einstein” bobble head, & unsuccessfully trying to ignore the banging on the two-way glass which joined his office to the next room over.

He had decided after a bit of deliberation, (& coercion from the higher-ups,) that it might be a bit more beneficial for him to remain at the NASA facility so he could research what was happening. Although he wasn't a Virologist or anything of the sort, he HAD taken some college courses at Berkeley until he decided on a PHD in Astronomy so he had enough laboratory know-how to navigate the lab & do some testing on different samples. According to the higher ups, his knowledge & warning of the effects of the Solar Flare was enough to put him ahead of the proverbial ball game. He had to find out if it what was going on was actually a global pandemic or only a national occurrence, & if whatever had altered the people exposed to the Solar Flare was viral or just severe mutation. The NASA facility was pretty much run by the military & had everything a military compound would have, complete with supply room, full-kitchen, medical ward, & work-out area. The only thing Dr. Keller DIDN’T have was his overweight cat Ferdinand. He silently prayed the cat was ok.

Scanning the various media forms, (i.e. the internet, satellite t.v. stations, multiple chaotic phone calls, & various YouTube videos that were constantly popping up gave him a pretty grim outlook on things & he was pretty sure that this was a global event. What was most important to HIM right now, & to the asshole who FINALLY called back from the Pentagon, was to study, (he’d already started & had recorded his observations with scribbled notes put into his Mead Notebook,) the effects that the Solar Flare had on people DIRECTLY exposed to the wave versus INDIRECTLY exposed.

It was easy to see the effects on people that hadn’t been notified to remain in a sheltered area or others who HADN’T listened to his advice to stay indoors & were outside when the wave came, as he had successfully locked his intern, Mr. Sanwa, into the office next door. He had scoffed at Dr. Keller’s idea calling it ludicrous & saying all he needed was a pair of NASA’s specially-made lenses to view it safely. He then proceeded on ignoring Dr. Keller’s single retort & went outside to view the Solar Flare. Mr. Sanwa’s opinion was probably the dumbest thing Dr. Keller had ever heard of but presently didn’t have the patience or time to argue with him, although he made a mental note to start looking for a smarter intern.

Now, two of the guards who had remained at NASA along with Dr. Keller, had craftily deposited Mr. Sanwa, (or what remained of Mr. Sanwa mentally & physically,) into the next room. He had watched Mr. Sanwa for a half hour now, as he steadily laid waste to his own body by banging/ramming into the two-way window & pawing/scraping at the glass. He had worn away the delicate skin of his fingers past the fingernails & there were apparent scratches on the glass from his exposed finger bones. He had cracked & lost half of a tooth gnawing at the glass & in turn, chomped off part of his lower lip which fell to the ground in a pool of coagulating blood & gore, unnoticed. His face & front of his shirt were coated with crusting blood & body fluids & he seemed oblivious of anything BUT Dr. Keller's presence. It seemed to consume all of his attention & all of his energy was spent trying to locate & come into contact with him.

Dr. Keller made a mental note to himself that when the guards came through on rounds, he would ask them to help restrain Mr. Sanwa so that he could monitor any brain activity & check his vital signs. It seemed unclear to Dr. Keller if he was dead or alive & monitoring him up close would be the only way to confirm which one it was. He thought it was quite possible that Mr. Sanwa was just functioning differently from the sporadic change in his biochemical makeup. One thing was for certain though, Mr. Sanwa either had no recognition of exactly WHO Dr. Keller was, or he just didn’t care. All he cared about now was the need to attack, (& most likely kill,) Dr. Keller & Dr. Keller STILL wasn’t sure why.


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