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Chapter 15

Posted on November 8, 2010 at 6:20 PM

Jeramey had unplugged & was moving the cumbersome fridge out of the kitchen & flush against the front door of his apartment in a frenzy, & after running into his hot neighbor Stacy, (who lived about seven doors down from him,) by the Laundry Room, who could blame him? "This is some SERIOUSLY fucked up shit," he thought as he prayed the fridge was heavy enough to keep the door intact & safe from what was now urgently pounding & moaning on the other side of his door.

After his roommate had bailed to check on his girlfriend, Jeramey had proceeded to return to the safe-haven of his apartment, while hugging the wall as he passed the door to Mrs. Hall's apartment. It seemed to have split open from the constant thumping & ramming of Mrs. Hall & the neighbor because half of an arm reached out clawing at the air. He rushed by, certain that he didn't want to be there when the rest of the door gave way.

He bolted up the flight of stairs & flung the door open to see Stacy lying in the doorway of the Laundry Room. Her loving fiancé Rick was kneeling over her like an anointing priest & the Orlowski couple stooped on both of her sides. Officer Orlowski was dressed for work, being a semi-retired police officer part-time. His light-blue uniform was a gore spattered mess & his wife, Laura, looked like a twisted, macabre painter, with all sorts of viscera & fluids splashed all over her white tennis shirt & her hands coated up to the wrists in crimson paint. Stacy turned to look directly into Jeramey's eyes & her fingers grasped the air in a silent plea for help.

The three of them had managed to cleave their way through Stacy's abdomen & she remained in one piece only by her spinal cord. There was gore strewn haphazardly about, coating the nearby walls, & a puddle of syrupy blood was soaking into the cheap neutral-colored carpet in the hallway. Next to Stacy was her laundry basket, dumped over in the fray, which was now stained a deep burgundy color. It was impossible to tell if she'd been washing whites or colors. As he watched, the light quickly winked out of Stacy's eyes forever. His mouth started watering from nausea as the former love of her life peeled off an oversized chunk of her scalp, blonde hair included, & tried to stuff the hairy piece into his mouth. It kept dropping back out of his mouth & he seemed incapable of understanding that the long blonde hair attached to the tasty bit of skin was anchored & stuck underneath his knees. After a few uneventful tries, he dropped the piece as something meatier caught his eye. He grabbed what looked like her thick, glistening, wet lung. Rick stuffed the bulky piece into his mouth & bit on it like a Georgia peach. Blood & fluid gushed forth in a spray, splashing onto his chin & down onto his front. Rick's gluttonous feeding backfired as the particularly oversized muscle became lodged in his lower throat. He slowly shoved his fist into his mouth up to the wrist, permanently unhinging & breaking his jaw in the process, to remove the delectable morsel & gobble it down again.

The police officer, perhaps having a shred of memory left or just smarter than the other two, slowly dragged Stacy's body into the Laundry Room away from the others, leaving a glory blood trail behind, so that he could dine alone. The other two, after what seemed like a scuffle over Stacy's large intestines, crawled after him, mewling as their bounty was dragged away. Jeramey took that opportunity to bolt towards his apartment. As he raced by he heard the sounds of slurping & the grinding of teeth on bone, & he couldn't resist a quick glance into the Laundry Room. He instantly regretted it. Office Orlowski raised an arm towards Jeramey, opening & closing his hand in longing, with most of Stacy's left breast hanging from his mouth. Jeramey shuddered & very detached, thought, "I didn't know she had her nipples pierced," & then bounded down the rest of the hallway to the safe haven of his apartment. Yes, this was some SERIOUSLY fucked up shit & a REALLY fucked up day.


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