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Chapter 16

Posted on November 8, 2010 at 6:50 PM

The cashier stepped outside & it was an almost instantaneous mob attack. He didn't stand a chance. All he had time for was the thought that maybe the English guy in the store had been right, & that this hadn't been such a good idea. He fell as he was bowled over by the woman, his left foot still caught in the door, leaving it ajar. The door kept on dinging between his screams, & the carnage that followed was horrifying.

Roger just stood there, gripping his lukewarm tea, mouth agape in horror, while the teenager threw up into the sink by the pop machine. The obese man launched himself backwards away from the window, slamming into the food counter, & knocking over the FREE Nacho & Chili Cheese Sauce machine in the process, spilling the Chili everywhere. What spilled out almost matched the carnage that was thrown against the windows of the store.

As Jeff stepped outside, his nose turned up in disgust at the foul & polluted air. Almost immediately, his blood started pumping adrenaline. He turned to the woman right outside of the door & hesitantly asked, "Ma'am...are you alright?" At the sound of his voice, she, & every other person plastered against the store windows, turned in unison, & he was met by five, well four and a half, pairs of milky-colored eyes. In unison, they all started whimpering with desire & anticipation. The woman lunged, & the rest of the group followed in a wave that resulted in what could only be described as some kind of mass football tackle. The group surrounding the window swiftly mobbed Jeff.

He looked up & the woman above him was lowering her maw to his face, & her slavering over him was apparent, as a line of drool dribbled into his eyes. Instinctively he closed them, & instantly they flew open again, as the lady bit down on his left cheek. The pain was shocking & unexpected & he screeched as it seared through his body. He heard the moist, tearing sound his skin made as she savagely ripped away a huge flap of his cheek & instantly felt the cold evening air against his teeth. The shock passed in an instant, & he started to kick & fight back, but by then the others had their hands & broken teeth all over him.

Someone's foul-smelling fingers searched for a good handhold on the meaty parts left of Jeff’s face. When one bony finger was inserted into the side of his mouth where the lady had ripped away his cheek, Jeff savagely bit off the invading digit with a snap. He gagged on the digit as pieces of rotten flesh seemed to slough off against his tongue, but he was unable to spit it out. In that same second, he lost his breath, when the guy with the gauntlets slammed down both of his forearms in an effort to root around Jeff's body to find his own morsel to nibble on. He punctured Jeff's gullet with around twenty of those spikes, each about a half an inch wide, & when he lifted his arms up to paw at Jeff again, Jeff's vital fluids spewed crimson all over the front of the store's glass door & splashed over the faces of the crowd around him.

That drove them into a frenzy & one of them finally found an EXCELLENT handhold, as they dug their fingers up to the hilt into the weeping cavities left by the goth's gauntlets. They broke open his body like a piñata, & it felt like somebody had just unzipped him as he felt the evening air invade him. His eyes started to glaze over as the group tugged, sorted, & divvied out his insides with great fervor. He was violated, raped, trampled, as they clambered over him trying to grab a handful of anything that would tear & come away with ease from their claw-like hands. One of the last few things he heard was the diseased group snarling & fighting loudly over his entrails, & then his eyes slowly rolled back into his head as he started to lose consciousness. He heard an audible pop as his arm was pulled from it's socket & his own death rattle come from inside him, & then there was nothing animate left in Jeff Johnson, cashier of the Mobil Gas Station off of Hwy 55.

After they had ripped the cashier in half, scrabbling over the remains like wolves, the blonde businessman scavenged around for extras, & pulled at Jeff's leg but it refused to budge as it was caught in-between the door of the store & the metal frame of the doorway. Looking for a way to clasp the leg & pull, the businessman snaked his arm through the door opening, rotten sores shredding & bursting against the metal & popping open from the tight space between the door & frame. Roger started backing away from the counter & towards the isles when he saw the unfortunate dilemma they were all in. With the door ajar & poor Jeff now yesterday's lunch, & there being only one way out of the store, they were all in BIG trouble. As the teen saw the businessman's festering arm snake into the store, he started to shrilly scream, & the businessman quickly perked his head up staring STRAIGHT into the door opening, sniffing the air, & right then, poor Jeff was hastily forgotten.


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Reply jessica O
8:03 PM on November 10, 2010 
Excellent graphics Maria! Book is really coming along!! Should get it published!
Reply Aces
12:25 PM on April 8, 2011 
This is good! :D but how come there hasn't been more in months? Not fair
Reply Living Dead Girl
3:30 PM on April 8, 2011 
thank you for reading my book aces...i didn't add anything because it didn't seem like people liked it so idk...i will add some more though :) i appreciate all of your feedback it was really great of you!
Reply Ivas
10:58 AM on May 28, 2011 
Please keep on the writing! Is a very nice story and I really do wish to know watt will happen till the end.
Reply walterde
8:31 PM on September 3, 2011 
LDG, remember this is the internet, its a revolving door of readers in here. People dont like it they move on, others will stay and new ones will join. So as long as you write it people will read it, not everyone will respond, but that doesnt mean no one is reading it. So write for yourself, not for the readers who dont respond. If you enjoy writing it then do it, cause we will enjoy reading it. O'yea and so far i've enjoyed it as well. See the revolving door effect, I just started and i'm on chapter 17 now, hoping you post 19 soon. Thanks for your hard work.