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Chapter 18

Posted on August 26, 2011 at 4:35 PM

This had turned bad, really incomprehensibly bad in a matter of moments. When the two guards came and made their rounds at 8pm, Dr. Keller asked them both to help with Mr. Sanwa so that he could perform a few tests on him to monitor his vitals and brain functions in his present state of mind. It should've been easy for the young rookie and the seasoned vet to subdue Sanwa, but as usual, looks can be deceiving when you don't take into account the lack of concern for personal harm that Sanwa had for himself. Looking down at the blood spattered dog tags in his hand, the rookie "Nichols" had learned the hard way and was made an example for them all to remember from here on out.

At 8pm, Dr. Keller was interrupted from his hourly reports by Nichols and Hanson knocking on the door while Hanson simultaneously announced their presence. Dr. Keller glanced up and told them to come in for a moment as he had a request for them. The tall graying Hanson poked his head in and said curtly, "sir," and Dr. Keller waved them in. Dr. Keller sighed and said, "I know this is unorthodox as you aren't part of the military's medical staff but quite frankly neither am I, and as you well know, the rest of the staff on base vacated the premises earlier. All that remains is our meager ghost staff and that leaves you both to assist me in studying Mr. Sanwa. I need to assess what is going on with him and as you can see for yourselves; I don’t think it wise for me to enter the room while he is unrestrained. His comprehension of his surroundings is unknown at this point and once he is restrained you may continue your rounds until I radio you for your assistance again." Opening a cabinet behind him, Dr. Keller pulled out three pairs of latex gloves and three standard med masks. "Please put these on as we don't know what level of biohazard this subject may be right now." Dr. Keller noticed Nichol's eyes dart over to meet Hanson's, but Hanson, being a seasoned vet, paid no mind to the worry in Nichol's face as he silently began pulling the gloves on, his face blank, with no visible show of emotion or strain.

They entered the room quietly and slowly, Hanson in the lead with a pair of zip ties in his hands. Mr. Sanwa paid them no mind as he continued to paw and slap at the glass, smearing gore and blood all over the window like a child happily finger painting. Dr. Keller and Nichols followed, Nichols being in the rear. Perhaps it was nerves, perhaps it was just plain idiocy, but after Nichols entered, he slammed the door shut with his foot, using both hands to hold a Taser gun that was centered at the back of Sanwa's head. In Nichol's mind, this situation called for something a bit more powerful than a Taser, but human rights activists pushed so much after seeing the controversial pictures and reports of soldiers torturing prisoners in Guantanamo Bay, that the military made a public show of downsizing their weaponry to be socially acceptable and weaponry that would do less bodily harm to a subject when the use of force was necessary. At the sound of the door slamming, in an instant, Sanwa almost fell as he spun around to find the source of the sound and you could visibly see his stance change to be almost predatory-like when he saw the three men in the room. There was a brief moment of silence, then a low growl, and Sanwa lurched slowly towards them at first until he heard Nichols voice cry out, "sir, please remain still." At the sound of Nichol's voice, his lurch became an uncoordinated jog as he moved as fast as he could straight for Nichols. Nichols lost all composure and started to shrilly scream and he fired the Taser directly at Sanwa's face. Normally, when fired, the two small probes released from a Taser will deliver a powerful signal that will completely override the assailant's central nervous system and in turn directly control their skeletal muscles from up to 15 feel away. That was "normally."

As those probes shot at Mr. Sanwa, one hit him square in the eye, and his eye burst immediately from the impact. The second dart-like probe hit him on the cheek and as the current coursed through him, Sanwa slowed but did not fall to the ground as expected. He still moved towards Nichols like a puppet, jerking and twitching. Hanson sprung into action and came up next to Sanwa and tried to wrap his arms around his shoulders but the flailing Sanwa caused Hanson to lose his balance and fall forward, succesfully tangling himself in the wiring connecting the probes to the gun, and he fell to the ground. Hitting his head caused him to knock himself out and he was out cold for just a few moments but a few moments was all Sanwa needed.

During all this, Dr. Keller just stood there mute, mouth hanging open and at a loss. The Taser should have immobilized Sanwa and at this present moment he was unsure WHAT to do. His field was not centered in Human Anatomy but he knew this was wrong, completely wrong. He couldn't react fast enough to restrain Sanwa himself and all he could do was watch as Mr. Sanwa snatched at Nichols, grasping his uniform and falling sprawled out directly onto Nichols. They both dropped to the ground as what remained of Sanwa's mouth bit down onto Nichol's forehead. Instantly, Nichols began to writhe in pain and the blood spray was rather impressive as Sanwa pulled his head back, tearing away the skin on the front of Nichol's forehead. The skin ripped with a quick turn of Sanwa's head and it looked like a rubber band snapping from the strain as the flesh separated from the rest of Nichol's head. Nichols dropped the Taser in self defense and tried unsuccessfully to fight Mr. Sanwa off with blood pooling in his eyes and his vision going in and out because of the pain. He did the only thing he could think of in an instant and ripped the dart-like probes off of Sanwa's face. Gore rained down onto him as part of the eye stem that was left inside Sanwa's eye socket ripped away from the gaping hole that had once held an intelligent brown eye. The dart clung to the root and looking somewhat like a worm, it fell directly onto Nichol's lip. Instinct kicked in and he immediately let go of Sanwa to wipe and claw at the wet piece of skin laying across his lip. Mr. Sanwa, paying no mind to any bodily harm that had befallen him, took the opportunity while Nichols was preoccupied to use his exposed finger bones like tiny fillet knives to find purchase and dig under Nichol's skin in the wet area still attached to him. He almost fell backwards as he started to yank and pull the skin away from him and Nichol's let loose a scream that probably bounced and echoed through every hall of the facility. The screaming stopped as Nichols passed out from the pain. As the screaming stopped, that spurred Dr. Keller into action and he quickly and quietly evaluated the situation. They had nothing adequate to defend themselves against Mr. Sanwa as he obviously had no qualms about and harm that came to him. It seemed like the weapons and restraints they had were the equivalent to pebbles being thrown at a Mountain Lion, and he was no fool. He rationalized that the best thing to do was to get the Hell out of the room while Sanwa was preoccupied. He ran to Hanson and helped him untangle himself from the dual lines of wire and quickly helped him up. Hanson, sporting a immobilizing headache, leaned on Dr. Keller as they rushed to the door. Mr. Sanwa growled voraciously as they reached the door handle and they both froze, but Sanwa made no move to attack them as Dr. Keller turned the doorknob. Dr. Keller looked down and gagged at all of the glistening, exposed, raw muscle that had been shrouded beneath Nichol's face. Now, his face was exposed and shone crimson and wet against the florescent lights in the room. You could see the muscle striations, the pumping blood vessels, and gouges from where Sanwa's pointy little finger daggers had dug into muscle. His face in it's entirety had been ripped off down to the shirt line. Nichols was either dead or passed out, but without eyelids, his blue eyes started right up into Dr. Keller’s face. He felt a huge twinge of guilt as the door hit Nichol's in the head when he pulled the door open but they still squeezed through and slammed the door quickly shut.

With the door safely secured behind them, shock quickly set in and Dr. Keller slowly slid his back down the wall until his rear bumped against the ground. They both sat there in shock, neither speaking, until Dr. Keller realized he could hear the smacking of Mr. Sanwa's mouth, the sound of flesh slowly ripping away from tendon and skin, and a wet rustling sound as Mr. Sanwa probed the tender flesh of Nichols.

Dr. Keller grew pale and sat still for a few moments but then slowly reached into his blood spattered lab coat. He withdrew a tiny recorder. Pushing the REC button, he exhaled and slowly spoke. "0800 hours, this report is an actual eye-witness account of the current mental state of one individual directly exposed to the harmful effects of the Solar Flare. According to outside reports, I believe this to be common among exposed subjects and people SHOULD remain indoors, away from anyone, including loved ones who possess any of the following symptoms. He began listing them slowly and carefully so they would be understood when he sent this recording out via satellite and web.

Extreme hostility, lack of self-preservation, body damage, (either mild OR severe,) drunken-like movement, animalistic behavior, and sores or abscesses on the skin or other visible abnormalities. The subject, my former assistant Mr. Sanwa, has never shown aggression and passed all of NASA's extensive psychological testing, but he just attacked, and most likely murdered, a guard here and is now proving other claims of cannibalism. Please make very good note that Tazers, bludgeons, and other somewhat socially acceptable crowd-control weapons will have ABSOLUTELY and I repeat, ABSOLUTELY no effect on altered individuals. Use extreme caution and harder means to subdue subjects that may be encountered. It is my opinion that martial law be quickly and immediately declared and the use of extreme force be allowed. We will now be returning to the subject and subduing him with heavier force, and if needed, disposal. I will be examining the subject postmortem if need be but prefer to keep him alive for further study. I cannot tell if this can be reversed right now but hopefully further studies will prove fruitful."

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Reply walterde
8:50 PM on September 3, 2011 
Well thats it, i'm caught up. I hope you post something new soon. I'm still not clear on something here yet. Do those that are bit turn into zeds as well or do they just lay their and stay dead.
Reply Living Dead Girl
3:33 PM on October 17, 2011 
No they don't because it is not a virus it is changing the chemical/biological makeup of human beings which is not transferrable. :) thanks for reading walterde!
Reply Ivas
7:09 AM on October 27, 2011 
great! another exciting chapter we have here. ^^