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Chapter 20

Posted on October 21, 2011 at 8:25 AM

Habir sat slumped against the large glass windows of the store content in gnawing away at his mangled prize. He had scrabbled and fought to keep it, and his body was definitely showing signs of the abuse it had endured since the events from the Solar Flare began. During the frenzy he had broken two more of his frail digits, and as he clutched what was left of Jeff's foot and brought the odorous, but enticing, morsel up to his awaiting mouth, he didn't notice his fingers knocking against each other and swinging back and forth. In the middle of the fray, while desperate figures scrambled for meat, a rather scantily clad woman had viciously kicked him square in the face with her 5" high heel. The pointy stiletto had caught the left side of his mouth, savagely ripping his soft flesh clear up to his earlobe, revealing the spaces where his back teeth had been pulled years ago by a shoddy dentist back in his home country.

Habir heartily crunched down onto Jeff's pinky toe like he was biting off the end of a Hershey bar. It gave way with a crunching sound and as he excitedly chewed on the tidbit, the hairy digit dislodged and rolled out of the side of his exposed gums and through the gaping holes where his molars used to rest. It bounced onto the pavement and after rolling a few feet it finally came to a stop at the edge of the huge doormat placed outside of the store entrance. Having no intelligence or reason, Habir droped Jeff's meaty foot and started mewling and crawling after the alluring snack. A few feet away, a middle-aged man vaguely resembling Danny DiVito and dressed in a matching blue windbreaker and pants growled with hunger at the discarded hunk of grub on the ground.

As quick as he was able, he began to drag himself along the pavement, using the ragged stump of his right wrist and what remained of his left hand as leverage. Wearing any other clothing might've made it virtually impossible to move at all, but the windbreaker outfit was so coated with slimy bodily fluids he was able to crawl towards the discarded meal with ease, almost like a mermaid, while his shattered legs trailed along behind him like windsocks.

Habir fell face-first as he grabbed the hairy and bloated digit, and he popped the morsel in his mouth, dirty toenail first, like he was snacking on a BBQ Cocktail Weiner. He lay there on the ground almost cooing in ecstasy as it broke open and fell apart in his mouth and he quickly swallowed it down. Then, after the appetizer was gone, he slowly sat upright, just as the crawler grabbed ahold of the foot he'd left carelessly behind.

A low guttural growl came from Habir as his virtually blind left eye beheld the man plucking the second toe off of the stump using his front teeth like he was removing a concord grape off the vine. Habir scrambled on all fours across the pavement towards the man, falling forward and completely skinning his elbows to the knobby bloodless joints. As his face banged against the pavement, he lost his two front teeth, which then lodged themselves into his knees as he continued to scurry over to his meal.

Reaching the crawler, he plopped down onto his back crushing his spine with an audible snap and then proceeded to paw at the foot keening with desire and despair. The two were growling like wolves fighting over a felled deer and the crawler savagely clung to the member gnawing and ripping chunks of meat away. Habir fell forward as he struggled to reach the remaining portion of food. His body weight smashed the man's face into the pavement and the man turned his head to snap at the foot as Habir grabbed ahold of hit by the ankle while getting a finger bitten off in the process.

The crawler opened it's mouth unleashing a deep lament as Habir ripped the foot out of his stubborn hands and at that time, Habir's blackened and misshapen finger fell, discarded and forgotten, from it's mouth in a trail of blood-tainted spittle and dark slime. Habir scurried away, hunched over and crawling, to the end of the building to snack on what was left of the man's foot.

The crawler lay immobile howling out it's misery for everyone to hear. In between bites, Habir cocked his ravaged head to listen to the sound of glass breaking and the tinkling that it made as it showered the pavement below. What interested him most was the low but clearly audible whispers that teasingly caressed his ears.

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Reply Jeramey
1:26 PM on October 21, 2011 
I really love your book baby its great to read keep up the great work I love u n can't wait to read more
Reply walterde
8:55 PM on October 24, 2011 
Wow that was disturbingly graphic from the Z point of view. Your doing a great job keep it up!
Reply Ivas
4:13 AM on October 28, 2011 
can't wait for the new chapters ^^