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Chapter 21

Posted on October 28, 2011 at 12:45 AM

Caleb and Kenny crept onto their street cautiously and quietly. They ducked into the Wallace's yard and dove behind the hedge. The street was eerily vacant and quiet. Although everything in them screamed to run to the safety of their homes, they knew that would prove to be folly and that it was a very bad idea. Kenny jumped a few feet when they heard banging behind them. There was Mr. Wallace plastered against the front window in his living room staring out at them, reading glasses askew and falling off his nose. He seemed to be intently watching them and clawing at the window. Caleb made a hand gesture that they had to move on when Mr. Wallace started to rub his face against the window and lick the glass, and then start to bang urgently at it with his fists. Sprinting to the edge of the yard they vaulted over the green picket fence into the next yard and moved cautiously on.

They darted two yards over into the Garcia's yard and started to creep quickly through it. It proved uneventful until Caleb tripped over little Carlos bright red plastic mower he must've been playing with earlier in the day and fell, landing face-first into a pungent pile of dog shit the Garcia's Rottweiler Sadie must've graciously left in the yard. The cold and cloying feces stuck to Caleb's face and he shrieked, scrubbing at his face to get it off. His eyes darted around the yard looking for something to wash his face with and he sprinted over to the kiddie pool and plunged his head into the frigid water to wash his face. As he came up, he could hear Kenny laughing and he glared at him and started to say "fuck you Kenny" but his voice trailed off seeing the look of shock and terror on Kenny's face. He swiveled his head to see what Kenny was looking at and there, on the opposite side of the kiddy pool was little Carlos, completely dressed in bright orange water wings and Buzz Lightyear swimming trunks. His once angelic face was now distorted with sores and blisters and his porous skin now bloated from soaking the water in like a sponge. Caleb jumped up and backpedaled as Carlos started keening and opening and closing his hands like a child begging to be picked up. He kept falling in the water as he tried to make his way over to where Caleb and Kenny were.

As Caleb spun around to sprint away, Kenny had already taken off through the yard. Caleb started to follow suit until he ran face-first into Catherine Garcia as she rounded the back of the ancient Oak tree in their yard. She wrapped her festered arms around him and Caleb shouted out in terror and almost vacated his bowels when she opened her mouth and licked her lips, blackened spittle trailing from her mouth onto his hand while he tried to push her back. She struck at Caleb like a Cobra head darting to his shoulder and he cried out in pain as her gold-capped front teeth bit into him like tiny knives. Caleb started to blindly strike out at her, fear and panic consuming him, as he pummeled her to release him. From behind her, he heard almost what sounded like a war-cry, and his mouth dropped as he saw Kenny with the Garcia's metal lawn rake in his hands. He pushed against Mrs. Garcia as he saw Kenny raise it up over his head and strike Mrs. Garcia. The vicious metal ripped through her skin leaving a trail of grisly open wounds starting at her brow and extending to her hairline. Immediately the wounds started weeping glistening inky-colored fluid painting her face and dripping into her mouth. The rake caught her once-beautiful long ebony hair and she howled as she teetered and fell backwards and lost her grip on Caleb. Caleb stood silent and in shock, nursing his bleeding shoulder, as Kenny raged on and beat Mrs. Garcia with the rake. He plunged the end of the rake deep into her eye socked as she madly writhed on the ground. Almost instantly darkened gore and fluid began to spew forth from the hole in her head and it completely coated the end of the rake. He beat her, shrieking madly every time he swung the end of the rake down until there was nothing left of her head but globules of skin, bone fragments, and her long wavy dark hair.

Caleb looked at Kenny and all he could say was, "dude...." and Kenny, red-faced and panting looked up, eyes wild, and said, "man, please don't tell my mom i don't even know what the hell just happened." Caleb looked over at him, nodding, and said, "thanks man." At that point, because of all of the noise and little Carlos finally falling out of the kiddie pool and starting to patter after them, they mentally decided caution wasn't an option and bolted madly to Kenny's house.

Flying up the three tiny steps, Kenny burst into the house yelling, " you here?" He didn't seem to notice that the door had been ajar when they arrived and didn't seem to smell the burning of chocolate chip cookies that had wafted out to greet them out on the porch. Caleb spun him around motioning him to be quiet as they went from the living room to the dining room. Both rooms vacant, they proceeded to the kitchen and Kenny started to sob as Caleb entered the smoky kitchen. His mouth dropped open in disbelief at the carnage he witnessed.

There on the floor was what was left of Kenny's mother. Surrounded by chocolate chips, torso still wearing her Betty Boop cooking apron, she lay in a mixture of flour, sugar, and coagulating blood. The brown sugar had turned an amber color, soaking up her bodily fluids and it lay in clumps next to her head. To her right, was his father ripping through her long-sleeve pink blouse and taking chunks out of her arm gobbling them down to expose the pearly bone in her arm. He had already cleaned the meat off of half of his wife's face leaving half of her face void of anything but her skull. It looked as if the bare half of her face was smiling a toothy smile at them. At that moment Kenny dropped to his knees sobbing and said, "dad...."

Kenny's father immediately perked his head up at the sound of his son's voice, not in recognition, but in feral desire. As he ripped away another meaty piece of his wife's arm and swallowed it down, he simultaneously reached for them. Caleb grabbed Kenny by the shoulder and said, "we gotta go man, now" but Kenny just sat there in shock. As Kenny's father started to rise to his feet, the smoke alarm went off, waking Kenny from his stupor, and he scrambled up as they both took off for the front door. Caleb stopped long enough to slam the front door as Kenny stood at the bottom of the steps, silently crying and sniffling and they both moved towards Caleb's house two doors down.

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10:08 PM on October 29, 2011 
hopefully Caleb are not infected.