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Chapter 30

Posted on September 19, 2012 at 3:00 PM

Mike panted heavily and blood dripped onto his pants from the wound on his hand as he spun the wheel to peel out of the parking area. Liz scrabbled to put her seat belt on and hit her head on the ceiling as Mike ran right over an elderly man who was crawling into the entrance of the lot. She glared at Mike and said, “really? Slow the fuck down boss or we won’t make it too far before you run us into a car. Look around at all of these cars idling in the street.” It was true, there were cars strewn everywhere, some with doors hanging open and still idling. He took a deep breath and winced at the pain in his hand and Liz looked in the glove box and back seat for napkins or anything they could use to bind the ragged dripping bite wound on his hand. She grabbed what looked like a child’s shirt and muttered an apology as she ripped it to create a makeshift bandage that he could wrap his hand in. As she grabbed his right hand to bind the wound, she jokingly said, “if you start feeling sick I’m afraid I’m going to have to bash you in the head according to Romero. I’m just saying.”

He swerved around a terrified dog running in the road and hit an open car door and swore loudly. Liz sighed and continued bandaging his hand and he winced as she tightened the wrap up and sat back to look around. The streets were a mess, bodies, articles of clothing, vacant cars, and people mulling about with no direction. As they passed by, they would reach longingly out towards the vehicle and start shuffling/crawling towards the car. Mike said, “your condo isn’t too far from here correct? A promise is a promise and we will stop there first but we have to be in and out, my family needs me.” Liz nodded in response and said, “take the next left down Shackley. It’s about four blocks away.”

Mike made a harsh turn and almost ran into a vacant school bus. It was hard to ignore the bloodied handprints and smears on the windows and it was a depressing sight. Mike slowed down partly out of respect and the other part cautiousness and as they rounded the front of the bus, almost hit a group of preschoolers feasting on what was left of a jogger and his dog. Mike slowed to a stop, in shock, staring at the gruesome scene. Little kids in cute dresses, Buzz Light Year and Mario Brothers shirts, complete with pigtails and baseball caps all feasted on raw remains, smearing gore all over themselves with disregard to the blood sticking to their faces, hands, and clothing. One boy in a New York Yankees baseball jersey dropped the hand he’d been gnawing at and rose to his feet scrambling towards the car. In unison, the rest soon followed coming towards the front of the vehicle, slowly surrounding the car. Liz looked over at Mike and said, “hey move or we might be in some trouble here!” Mike shook his head in disbelief and said, “they’re just kids I’m not going to run them over! I can’t that’s not right it’s somebody’s daughter or son.” A once angelic little girl pounded a bloodied fist against Liz’s window and opened her tiny mouth in an attempt to bite through the glass at Liz and she said, “look…you have a six month old daughter to get to so you need to move now!”

Mike sighed, whispered an apology, closed his eyes and gunned the engine running over the miniature New York Yankee baseball player and a little girl dressed in a Dora the Explorer outfit. The kids were so small they barely felt a bump and somberly drove forward down the street. Liz turned to look back and saw the tiny crowd following after the car but they stopped surrounding some easier prey on the sidewalk.

The rest of the ride was uneventful and they pulled up to the gated colorful condo building and Liz rolled the window down and typed in the code to unlock the gate. Mike pulled in as the gate shut behind them. He idled the car and Liz said, “I’m on the first floor on the far left side you can stay here and keep a look out or feel free to run inside with me.” Mike opened the car door and said, “better to stick together you know? Let’s be in and out though ok?” They both hopped out of the car glancing quickly around the grounds. Liz looked up at the second floor to see Mrs. Draper plastered against her patio window in an unfashionable outdated dress and it seemed her vacant eyes stared right at Liz as she thumped her hands and body against the window in an attempt to reach her. Liz quickened her pace and Mike followed suit, nursing his injured hand and gritting his teeth from the pain. She came to the end of the condos and stopped short. She had spent a fair amount of money on a well-trained full-blooded German Rottweiler who would only bark on command or upon full entrance to the condo and she never worried about locking her doors because everyone knew that the hundred and thirty pound dog was trained to be deadly if any intruders broke into her home. Now her Sadie stood staring out the patio windows directly into the eyes of Fidel, the gardener, who was looking a little worse for wear. He lay on the patio clawing at the door at Sadie’s level, yearning to get to the dog. One of his legs was shredded down to the bone, staining the patio floor with fluids and Sadie cocked her head watching as he banging his head against the glass. Liz backed up looking around, a few feet away was a huge pruner by the bushes and she trotted over there, snatched them up, and rushed back to her patio. Without hesitation she stood behind poor Fidel and rapidly brought them down, skewering Fidel in the back of his head. There was a clink as the tip of the shears protruded through the front of his mouth hitting the patio pavement. Fidel convulsed and lay still. Mike exhaled and said, “daamnn…” Liz slid the doors open and dropped to her knees and said, “Sadie baby, good girl! Mommy’s proud of you but we have to go pup! She stood up and pointed at Sadie and said, “Achtung” as she pointed to the sliding glass door. Mike said, “what the hell does that mean?” Liz laughed and said, “it means watch. I spent a lot of money on this dog and included in that price was authentic German Rottweiler training. One sec I have to grab something.” She ran to her room and while Mike stared at the motionless and vigilant Sadie in awe, Liz grabbed a huge duffel bag in her closet and a smaller backpack and came back out into the living room. She went into the kitchen and stuffed a few Vitamin waters and energy bars into the small backpack and returned. She handed Mike the smaller of the two bags and slung the duffel over her shoulder and went over to the couch. She pulled out a wicked looking Samurai sword from behind the couch, turned, looked over at Mike and said, “you ready?” Mike nodded and said, “all I can say is wow…it was definitely worth the stop.”

They went to the patio doors, Liz peering out and glancing back at Sadie saying, “Voran!” and Sadie pushed past Mike and Liz to stand on the patio. She didn’t even pause to sniff the rotten gardener, she went to the edge of the patio and peered out, alert and vigilant. Liz and Mike gingerly stepped over Fidel and she turned to shut her patio door. She looked over at Mike, nodded, and took the lead. They walked towards the car when glass shattered and Liz whirled around. Sadie stood rigidly next to Liz and they watched as Mrs. Draper burst through her glass patio door straight for them. Only she was a floor above and it would’ve been a fitting “Youtube” video any other time because she went right over the patio railing in a swift motion and plummet to the lawn. Liz glanced at Sadie and said, “Fass,” and in unison the pair moved to Mrs. Draper. Sadie stood on top of Mrs. Draper as she made an attempt to rise, and fastened her huge maw against her neck, pinning her to the ground. Liz went to her head and in a swift motion, without apology, cleanly removed the top of her head. Leaning over, she cleaned the blade off on Mrs. Draper’s ugly printed dress, calmly walked back over to Mike, and said, “Voraus!” Sadie immediately released Mrs. Draper and trotted past Mike and Liz to take the lead. Mike looked at Liz and said, “ok you gotta tell me what the hell you just said to her.” Liz laughed as they reached the car and said, “which part?” Mike said, “all of it.” As Liz opened the back door and said, “Hopp!” and Sadie jumped up into the vehicle, she turned to Mike and said, “in summary I said attention, take the lead, attack, go first, and up.” With that she jumped into the car and Mike somberly got into the drivers side.

Liz punched in the code and the gate slowly opened into the mess that was the streets. As they drove off Mike commented, “you’re one bad-ass dispatcher you know that?” She shrugged and looked back at Sadie cooing, “brahfer hoond” and Sadie wagged her tail in response.

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